Image of National Material employees standing in front of their new trade show booth at the NMSDC conference in Austin, Texas

Working alongside the talented Jim Hughes of Brainwire Strategic Marketing out of Thousand Oaks, CA., our team took and applied directives to create National Material Company L.P.’s new trade show booth, which will follow them all over the world as they attend conferences like the NMSDC Conference.  This year the conference just happened to be in Austin, Texas, allowing our team to assist with the set up. In addition to the booth, we also created the looping video that goes along with the booth display, provided ancillary digital marketing services to promote their presence at the show, and armed the sales team with a custom web-based app to help them track new relationships made at the conference. This app can eventually plug into their CRM system (which we also love to help with!)

Client: National Material, L.P.
Industry: Steel Processing & Supply Chain Management
Project Description: Trade Show Booth Design, Video Production, Web-Based App Development
Provided Services: Trade Show Booth Design, Video Production, Web-Based App Development