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ADA Compliance Services

ADA Compliance Services

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Is your website accessible to everybody?

The web is for everyone, but unfortunately, it’s not always built that way. If your website isn’t compliant to ADA/WCAG standards, you’re not only closing off your business those with disabilities – but you might also be opening yourself up to litigation.

ADA Compliance?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law that prohibits discrimination based on disability. Today, accessibility spans beyond ramps and restrooms to make sure people with disabilities are able to use the Internet equally. ADA compliance is now both a legal and moral obligation to ensure that your website meets these ADA compliance standards.

So, what do I do?

Let us make it easy for you to get up to speed and become ADA/WCAG compliant. It’s our mission to make the Internet a more accessible place for everybody.

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