Not in a million years would the founders of Dremana Productions have guessed their band would suddenly sell more music in April of 2020 than they did in the past decade put together. This can be attributed to an individual called “Dr. Rock” based out of Grand Rapids, Minnesota – the host of “Organized Chaos Online Music Bingo.” Dr. Rock, his wife Mary, and their production crew had been running a successful live interactive DJ entertainment company since 2016. In March of 2020, Covid-19 caused them to get creative. Bringing their music bingo online, Grace’s best friend introduced Dremana’s founder to the fun. In time, Dr. Rock became an unsuspecting promoter of Dremana… the band.

Client: Organized Chaos (Not a client, but a catalyst!)
Industry: Music & Entertainment
Project Description: Online music bingo during Covidd-19 pandemic
Provided Services: visibility