Project Description

Project Brief

The Client: Please BE KIND to Cyclists is an Austin-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization comprised of community supporters, founded in the passion of and for the safety of cyclists and drivers in our community. Their goal is to raise awareness, promote education, and encourage tolerance between drivers and cyclists. BKTC also offers financial assistance to cyclists injured in crashes with motor vehicles.

Relationship Background: Dremana Productions began working with BeKindToCyclists in 2010 on various video projects centered around public service messaging. During this time frame, it became apparent that BKTC needed more visibility to acquire funding to grow and reach their dream of sponsoring an educational video to be used across Texas (and eventually the US) in high school drivers education classes and adult defensive driving courses.

The Objective: In 2012, Dremana Productions volunteered their video production and marketing skills to raise money for BeKindToCyclist’s awareness campaign and educational video.

The Campaign: Following a concentrated period of market research and data analysis, Dremana Productions produced an educational video pilot and a supplementary promotional video inviting the public to help fund (what is now known as) The “DriveKindRideKind” awareness campaign & educational video. Our team also created sponsorship packages and solicited grants from various entities for the funds to launch a full-fledged educational campaign which would include a website, videos, and ongoing (online) education.

The Results: The Texas Department of Education granted BeKindToCyclists a $250,000.00 grant in 2013 and continues to support BKTC’s “DriveKindRideKind” educational campaign.

The Bottom Line:“Dremana Productions is far more than a video company or some web-design agency. When they realized what we needed was funding they made sure we got it. Even if it meant they would have to volunteer and postpone being compensated. What company does that?! I am a lifetime client and I will always refer people to Dremana Productions” – Al Bastidas, Founder/BeKindToCyclists

Services Provided

Video Production Challenge

Low Budget – High Impact

3D set design

Video branding

On Location Production