SKD Tooling Company aims to be the premiere tool and die manufacturer that can provide your facilities with a complete line of mid to large size automotive stamping tooling, including progressive dies and transfer dies – all this, at competitive costs, speedy delivery, and fantastic customer service.

A “family member” of our client of two decades, NMLP, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with their China division of companies. Beyond the SKD website project, our team has delivered websites, videos, and consulting services to the Chinese market for The City of Austin and Shanghai Media Group (via Sharington Consulting.) We must admit, the team at SKD was amongst the most organized, efficient, and kindhearted we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Thanks SKD!

Client: SKD China
Industry: Global Tool & Die
Project Description: Rebranding & New Website
Provided Services: Website development, branding, graphic design, 3D animation, 3D design, copywriting