How is it that one single group of people excel at marketing regardless of the medium? How can the same team that started as a rock band create a magnificent corporate power point presentation, design a custom media storage application, and write the most moving soundtrack to the video they also shot, produced, and edited?

Because, after 20 years of marketing experience and a handful of good fortune, they’ve learned the one thing that they are truly great at: Using their unique creativity to become memorable.

How Does Dremana Show the World How Great You Are?

Our Expertise Meets Your Potential

Once upon a time, someone saw potential in us – great things that we weren’t even aware of ourselves. We’d like to do the same for you.


We're Creative

We'll deliver results, and we'll do it differently than anyone else can.

Dynamic Solutions

Besides being born this way, we have spent our lives preparing to work with you. Take a look at our Timeline.

We're Intuitive

We specialize in efficiently making the invisible “visible.” It's a gift.

We Understand

We’re people people. Show us who you are and we’ll show you (and everyone else) why you’re great.

We're Determined

Our favorite word is yes. We've never met a project we couldn't tackle.

Let's Go

There’s only one way to make something seemingly impossible, possible. And we have it: determination.
Brainstorming Sessions
Celebratory High Fives
Hours of Development

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Core Team.

Grace Sharington
Grace SharingtonPrincipal
Since 2002, Grace has managed all aspects of company growth, shaping the it to become a leader in video/film, web development, audio/video production and MarCom strategy & branding.
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Creativity 85%
Communication 90%
Wolverine – Like Determination 100%
Andre Klizentis
Andre KlizentisHead Developer
The innovative force behind every single project is Andre. Coming to the U.S. Andre has acquired his distinction in the multimedia field by simply holding himself to the highest possible standard.
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Technological Know-How 98%
Creativity 90%
Computer Nerd 100%
Marshall Simmons
Marshall SimmonsDigital Engagement Director
Marshall specializes in digital marketing solutions – from concept to completion – for businesses looking to diversify their presence through content development, SEO optimization, and more.
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SEO Expertise 95%
Content Creation 80%
Cool Shades 100%
Catheryn Bohorquez
Catheryn BohorquezDigital Marketing Strategist
An international business administrator specialized on brand building and marketing development, Catheryn has added a level of confidence to our team that we never knew was missing.
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Web Designer 98%
Team Player 99%
Time Management Abilities 100%
Dremana Productions will help you succeed.

Let’s Show the World How Great You Are!

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